Eighth column: a national conference under the slogan: We have come to stay!!
On: Tuesday 10/02/2012 09:45 am

 Ali Hussein
everything that is happening on the political scene now raises doubts and ridicule people object hybrid not sure people what it calls, a national conference, a national meeting or reform paper?
citizen realizes that whenever asked gesture of rapprochement between the armies of rival, ignite fires here and there, after which the implementation leaves play the way they want the strongest team, and I mean by a coalition of state law, because he has executive power and controls the legislative branch,

Under his hands cabinets Iraq, when warns political party and calls citizens to stay away from the other party, it means that everyone insist on continuing that speech instigator of the political chaos, chaos makes leaders' meetings just a social drama ends with promises and wishes and possibilities, rather than recognize the obligations and benefits and practical measures concrete, and unfortunately that people that follow these meetings will throw them crumbs of statements, very briefly, the meetings politicians conducted according to the principle of "Antini and Antak" a principle fit to negotiate between enemies, but it does not fit to run the country, especially if all the negotiators have brand "national partnership . "
What is happening these days of declines and reviews, and alterations in attitudes and maps demands, puts us in front of a two scenarios: more fires political and fabricating disaster security and economic, and call for the tone coming danger through schemes foreign threaten the country, or to postpone the reform process alleged until after stability security, with the possibility of investment climate in the torched in the whole process, in light of a media campaign continues to play a recital absence of security and services, and that some people believed it would pave the emergence champion political lift people out of chaos, it is clear that all the talk soft on reform and return to the Constitution, not only the type of maneuver and dribbling to possess enough time to mine the earth under the feet of everyone to explode the scene again and are the heaviest, to enter the political process after the morgue, to appear later voted Broadcaster wed us human: that the government has been able efforts Makhlsaha and مناضليها eliminate putschists traitors .. God and the largest local Loya victory with the help of God.
reads the speeches of politicians and listens to their prayers in satellite TV comedies will find him a picture of Iraq who dreamed of boys politics Iraq turns the right to misguidance and life into hell brunt of its fire simpletons.
Did you make us political statements and speeches feel fear? Certainly. Because, the country's image with effective institutions no longer exist originally, after deciding that everyone makes Parliament just a picture of a false democracy, today Everybody is talking about the judiciary and the rule of law, but they are planning in secret to declare the state "politicians chance", but goes some of them to adopt instructions and laws that support and calls for the logic of the state by its reference everything but faith in democracy true.
Laugh whenever trying our politicians brave to portray us that they alone are able to save Iraq from disaster, and they Masco Iraq and without them the disintegrated held.
what the saddest that shed tears falsely defense security and stability , forgetting that ten years of chaos in the country burned everything and everybody.
every history books teach us that boys policy and Zaaatitha not build countries, whatever the slogans that raising them and the lies that come out.
stability and prosperity never come slogans These tools have been used for the manufacture of lies and hatching opportunists and fundamentalists.
Why fancy our politicians they guards this country and Alsaheron on security and stability and they shafts Khaimah Iraqi and then become their discussion and objection to the tricks and Nzkhm kind of blasphemy, and their opposition a kind of national treason, and demand political reform, service delivery and accountability corrupt closer to heresy and infidelity and sabotage homelands.
Dear politicians: if you will be accomplices to sabotage our lives, Valmakd you are failures and are unable to manage "small shop", how homeland size of Iraq.
Dear politicians do not want anything from you except that you all listen to the survival of small, singing: ask to leave.