National Alliance: the need for quick action, and realistic with regard to the security situation

  • 01/10/2012 15:47

"Portal Iraq" BAGHDAD - A statement by the Office of Media Chairman of the National Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari today that
"the political body of Iraqi National Alliance held its periodic meeting chaired by Ibrahim al-Jaafari, and the presence of components all day Sunday, The agenda included discussion of recent security incidents, and political conditions that ceremony by the status quo. "

He added that "the political body stressed the need to take swift action, and realistic with regard to the security situation, and recent events, and about the laws that suspended approval in parliament has recommended the political body of the National Alliance of the importance of speedy legislation, and included important observations made by the partners, in order to preserve the interests of the Iraqi people, and achieve their hopes welfare and progress. ""It also included the agenda of the discussion placed political reforms, and promote the building of state institutions national where he confirmed the National Alliance on the importance of investment advent of President Jalal Talabani; to activate the desired reforms, and the convergence of views on disputed issues, and in the end of the meeting stressed the political unit opinion Althalfa regarding tasks, and common challenges. "