Talabani begins in two days efforts to hold national meeting
بتاريخ : الأحد 30-09-2012 08:50مساء
Date: Sunday 09/30/2012 08:59 pm
BAGHDAD - A citizen

A member of the Kurdistan Alliance, Sunday, President Jalal asks to start within the next two days endeavors convergence of views between the political forces leading to the upcoming national meeting

Sharif said Suleiman's (Center Brief for IMN) that "Talabani will begin within the next two days to conduct a series of new and intense dialogues in order to solicit opinions and proposals of the political blocs on the right time to hold a national conference and what can be put where ideas and perceptions in order to reach solutions inapplicable on the ground. "

The member of the Kurdistan Alliance that "the task of Talabani in Baghdad has a lot of elements of success most notably statesmanship enjoyed and his long experience as well as the adoption of all the political blocs the importance of what he is doing efforts." Noted Solomon that "there is almost unanimous on the fact that the Erbil first can be a suitable platform for a solution and can be followed by the rest of the ideas and initiatives put forward to later. " But in turn stressed that the "volatility in the attitudes of some of the blocks and not resolving the final positions would make the task more complicated."

He returned President Jalal Talabani on Monday from treatment trip in Germany if arrived in Baghdad from Sulaimaniya. Talabani met with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and parliament speaker Osama al-Nujaifi and political leaders and party of Baghdad and the Kurdistan region.

Talabani counting on to start a more serious move to hold a national meeting and out of the political crisis, especially after the political situation has a kind of calming media