The president of the meeting of Iraq: the reality of the country "dangerous" and the Maliki government is weak and Allawi can not even manage the province
Date: 30/09/2012 13:16:56 Sunday

Baghdad (news) .. Description president of the fulfillment of Iraq MP / coalition in Iraq / Abdul Tahir greens, the current reality of the country as dangerous as a result of the political conflict between the two main blocs of Iraq and the rule of law, which arrived to the parliament votes of voters believe the programs have not implemented anything.
Tahir said (of the Agency news) on Sunday: The Citizen marched behind slogans of coalition and Iraqi rule of law and wanted to get rid of political and economic conditions difficult, but it failed after political rivalry turned into a conflict.

He continued: that the Maliki government is weak because of the chaos and theft, the leader of the coalition in Iraq, Iyad Allawi, is not as before, where can not even manage the province and not a state, because of the team around him and hearing the opinions wrong and they isolate anyone who works hard and sincerity, so the map electoral change many elections upcoming local.