Silverline: initiatives launched by Mr. Hakim indicate the closeness of the citizen and his sense of بمعاناته
Ali Abdullah - 09/30/2012 - 1:29 pm

MP praised the bloc citizen cream Silverline for the bold steps and national initiatives espoused by Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, head ISCI like Basra, the economic capital and Rehabilitation Project Maysan. The Silverline told the newspaper "integrity electronic" that the draft economic capital of Basra and Missan Rehabilitation Project and the new initiative on Iraqi children show great effort and a sense of the suffering of the people and social classes.The Silverline to Basra and Maysan provinces have suffered greatly from the oppression of the former regime and marginalization from the federal government and reduce this moment and today called Eminence new initiative of Najaf serve the public interest and include child care Iraqi from northern Iraq to the south and this indicates that anything it shows awareness and culture carried by His Eminence the direction of Iraqi children