Law infrastructure ready to vote despite political differences

30/9/2012 0:00

Economy parliamentary prepared points initiate building the new Iraq
BAGHDAD - morning - Alaa al-Tai
revealed to economic and investment commission parliamentary for completing the joint committees of all the proposals that were added to the law infrastructure of parliamentary blocs to vote on the legislation in a hearing on Monday.
said Deputy Chairman of the Committee of Economy and Investment Muhammad Salman al-Saadi in a statement the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network": "He was scheduled to raise the law to a vote in the parliament session the twenty-fifth last Thursday is that the postponement decision was taken against the backdrop of claim some of the members of parliament who still consider the law does not meets all their demands. "
said Saadi "The Chairperson of the Commission services Vian outsider called to postpone the law was passed to Monday's session to accommodate the demands of the masses or other committees," likely additions or other proposals on the law during the next two days before submitting it to a vote, expected to hold a meeting of the committees on Monday before lifting the law for a vote to absorb new ideas. " Also revealed a member of the National Coalition single moguls National Alliance for initiating meetings intense between her coalition and the National Alliance and the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance to reach the participants lead to approving a bill to infrastructure. Said Magda Tamimi's (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network): "The meetings between National Coalition and the Alliance will be held, in addition to the blocks of the Kurdistan Alliance and the Iraqi List in order to reach subscribers lead to vote on the bill infrastructure. "In turn, MP for the coalition in Iraq free Mohammed Daami leaders and members of the political blocs to vote on the law infrastructure and away from dealing with This law and in accordance with the interests of the party and Ketloah