Date: 2012/03/29 16: 13: 25 p.m. Saturday
Five-Member Committee meets tomorrow to reach a common formula for the oil and gas Act

Baghdad (newsletter) ...Said Deputy oil and Energy Committee and the Committee of five, the importance of temporary special Committee meeting to consider the draft oil and gas law, on Sunday, for a unified law for oil and gas regulated the relationship between the Federal Government and the provinces and prefectures in the province irregular oil field called promising opportunities to expand cooperation and investment with companies.
Temporary Special Committee includes in its membership both chroma Pushparaj State Minister for Parliament representing the National Alliance MP Adnan al-Janabi, Chairman of the Committee on oil and energy representing the Iraqi list, MP Farhad alatroshi representatives from the Kurdistan Alliance, as well as Abdel Karim of the Federal Oil Minister Faisel laibi washti hawrami Minister of petroleum and natural resources in Kurdistan.

Works under the supervision of the presiding officers of the Iraqi Council of representatives that seem bent on accelerating legislation during the next phase being a constitutional task that benefits are widespread attention on several levels locally, regionally and internationally.

Transfer statement to the House of representatives, received (News Agency news) on Saturday, the Vice-Chairman of the Committee for oil and gas on hospitality, as saying: the House of representatives and the Ministry of oil in the Central Government and the Kurdistan Committee to consider great importance being addressed the problems and existing powers and organization of productive forces.

Fayad said: we are committed to the Constitution and the Federal Government where we want oil industry westratget building to maintain national benefits by the Government towards the citizen and the explicit reference to article 111 and 112 wmafyha the powers of the Federal Government and effective participation in decision-making the most useful and worthwhile in Iraq.

And: a small Committee agreed to chair the House Legal Committee empowered by the Iraqi list and the National Alliance and the Kurdistan Alliance and the Federal Government's oil Minister and oil Minister of wealth that represent the territory for a law protecting oil products put everyone before legal professional take all cases that serve the petroleum and process productivity.

The statement noted: the Attorney on hospitality, expressed his optimism to the outcome of the meetings of the Commission as a serious step of all parties to investigate Iraq's interest as the project represents a lifeline to Iraq's Renaissance and nation-building, noting: that all parties are serious steps to ensure important law legislation which protects citizens ' rights and the rights of companies that operate in Iraq and striving to maintain public money.

And MP Fayad: that government laws have priority over all laws made by the commissions, or even laws made during 2007 and 2008 and all drafts will be put on the table to reach a satisfactory result serving the national interest.

It said: that MP Farhad alatroshi temporary special Committee member, said: the Committee was formed after the last meeting of the legal Committee and oil two weeks ago and reached a decision to form a Committee called the Committee of five that will work on a draft or bill for oil and gas agreed by large parties as a basis for first reading legislative actions which then will draft amendments as requested by the House of representatives.

He alatroshi to: the importance of law lies in the two first professional technician where the oil and gas Act will regulate the vital sector statute is important in Iraq as known, about 95% of Iraq's revenue from oil, according to the report of the Finance Committee and the oil sector needs a clear and explicit Act employs the powers of each of the parties as provided for in the Constitution must translate this article to constitutional law serves the ground to draw oil policy that serve citizen and country, notingThe second important aspect: the adoption of the law on oil and gas will be the largest contract in Iraq after 2003 because of the biggest problems of distribution and wealth management in Iraq, specifically oil wealth if we succeed in resolving this node will be way easier to solve other problems.

Said: the Kurdistan Alliance will make every effort to bring the Bill in line with the Constitution spirit and in form and we are serious about this issue and we believe by reading the political situation that everyone in dealing with serious law absolutely for its legislation, adding: that the law is a 50 articles by draft the dispute sites will be limited in certain cases but substantial and fundamental issues but many participants.

And Deputy from the Kurdistan Alliance: there are four or three projects probably will be added to another project to the Committee on oil and energy, the four projects represent the views of the party I represent the Government's view and understanding of the constitutional articles 111 and 112 and other constitutional materials and power must be a priority for the Federal Government except some formal secondary authorities other projects included by some political parties that the system in a federal Iraq based on the levels of Government and to the authority of the Federal and territorial Governments and local governments in the provinces, must not exceed Stressing the necessity of the distribution of powers and competences between these levels under one law./finished/r. u/