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Today, Jalal Talabani Iraqi president is to go back to the country’s capital of Baghdad where he also holds meetings to pull the country out of its crises.
Talabani made a series of meetings in Sulaimani with several Iraqi key political figures including Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki soon after he returned from Germany where he had successfully a medical operation in his left knee.
The president plans to meet the government officials in Baghdad as soon as he arrives in the capital of the country, PUKmedia knew the knowledge.
Jalal Talabani is to go back to Baghdad today.

Talabani is expected to salvage the ongoing problems as almost all Iraqi political parties have expressed their trust in him to do so.Iraq has long stalled in a deep crisis due to different behavior of the country’s political components that resulted in securely instability.
PUKmedia 2012-09-29 12:54:48
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