11:50:27 / 09/2012

Khandan - said Iraqi Foreign Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, said Iran is "lifeline" to the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, asserting that he had asked Tehran to refrain from using the territory and airspace of Iraq to send weapons to Damascus, also referred to as a response to provoke Syria to the issue of access " terrorists "from Iraq to its territory by saying that those are who was Syria allows admitted into Iraq in the past.

Zebari said in an interview with Channel "CNN", conducted by media Christiane Amanpour, in response to a question about the transfer of Iran large quantities of weapons to Syria through Iraq, saying: "This does not get the support the Iraqi government and its knowledge, Iraq had taken a decision not to intervene in the conflict or arming limbs. "

He continued by saying: "You have sent letters and clear to the Iranian government demanded not to use our land and our airspace to transport any shipments to Syria, and we will take action to check the cargo and frankly we do not know the nature of their contents because our defense has no ability developed that allow him to stop these things or intercepted After the departure of U.S. troops, and we are building this capacity. "

"We have asked the United States and the intelligence information about the nature of the cargo if the banned weapons or materials, that would interfere with the decisions of the United Nations and the Iraqi government will take measures to inspect the aircraft."

In response to a question about the nature of these measures, Zebari said: "There will be periodic inspections of these aircraft, and as you know, the relations between Iran and Syria very deep and beyond the subject of flights, Iran may be the day the lifeblood of the Assad regime has've met already a large number of American officials who raised this point, but we asked them to unconfirmed intelligence because the Iraqi government did not receive until today confirmed evidence on this subject. "

On the position of the Iraqi government about what is going on in Syria, Zebari said: "We certainly by the Syrian people and their legitimate right to aspire to freedom, democracy and dignity, as we did (in Iraq) under dictatorial rule during the reign of Saddam Hussein."

But Zebari stressed that his country "does not want to provide military assistance or financial any party, but wants to resolve the crisis in Syria organized political" and continued by saying: "What we fear is the day that followed the fall of the Syrian regime, only saw what happened recently in Benghazi and Cairo and places other, so there is a concern in Iraq about the consequences of this crisis and its extensions on the levels of sectarianism and its impact on the issues of terrorism and instability. "

On the concern of the extensions of the conflict in Syria and the return of al Qaeda activity in Iraq, Zebari said: "We are as hard as we can to defeat al-Qaida, we have said to the Syrians in Tehran when they complained of the entry of terrorists or jihadists from Iraq to their land, and we told them that these are the same people who you Terslonhm Iraq are returning today to you. "

He declined Zebari what reduces the "cooler" in relations the government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, about America versus consolidating relations with Iran, saying that Iraq "is a master of his decision and determination and has its own interests, and we have friendly relations with the United States and Iran as well."

Did not deny Zebari at the same time the impact of Iran's influence in Iraq, saying: "No one can deny that, but we almost in conflict to protect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Iraq and its independence from any Iranian interference, but at the same time, Iran is a regional power is present and can not be treated as does not exist. "

Zebari played down the possibility of turning Maliki to a new dictator in Iraq after he kept to himself a lot of political and security powers, adding that it is not possible to return to Iraq after the dictatorship today in the presence of multiple political forces as well as accounting and the role of the House of Representatives.