Virtue declares its full support to the infrastructure law
By: Bian2
on: Thursday 27/09/2012 09:16 pm

Baghdad / WAP / announced mass Virtue parliamentary their full support to pass a law infrastructure. said mass in a press statement received news agency Baghdad International / WAP / copy today that: "The law ensures controls sober, mainly taking into account the size of annual revenues and expenditures and financial commitments and submission of projects to be implemented under this law to the ministerial committees sectoral study in addition to submitting recommendations to the Council of Ministers for the purpose of taking the necessary decision, and by the Council of Ministers to ratify the project on the recommendation of the Ministries of Finance and Planning in addition to the selection of companies will be on a competitive basis to ensure you get the best deals " . statement added: "The bloc declares its full support for the passage of a law infrastructure," calling other political blocs to "vote for him, the fact that this law will contribute to solving the problems of severe pressure on the Iraqi citizen and of Abraha housing crisis and a severe shortage and the great schools in the record time and was raised from the problematic or feedback about the law has developed convincing solutions to address them, especially and that the Iraqi state will not be obligated to pay entitlement to these important projects for structures for infrastructure, but after completing the companies completed fully and in accordance with the terms of the contract and after a period of time completion may increase five years. " The House of Representatives has to vote on the law infrastructure to the next meeting on Monday, after the withdrawal of coalition blocs and Iraqi Kurdistan in the session. / Finished 8