President Talabani .. Resolve differences .. Or activate the participants?
Date: Friday 09/28/2012 05:32 pm

Adel Abdul Mahdi
Former Vice-President
Agreement "September 13" oil between the federal government and the province

Without sensation, which is correct, approved by the Council of Ministers the federal and provincial governments on the agreement signed in (09/13/2012) Deputy Prime Minister and ministers of finance, oil, trade and Chairman of the Board of Supreme Audit and the Minister of wealth in the region.

Results is the introduction of direct production of Kurdistan (0.5-1.0 billion dollars / month) according to the quantity and price to the state treasury, and rising prices will increase and the quantities produced .. Conversely Wants province of reducing expenses and increasing amounts (17%) and expenditures ruling and increasing its investments .. The national partnership will be strengthened, and strengthens the negotiating parties and the producing provinces .. The decline disputes ridiculous and misleading packaging and double losses. Agreement (9) points, essentially:
1 - Muslim quantities of crude oil from the province of the federal government at a rate (140) thousand b / d for the remainder of the month of September .. And (200) thousand b / d for the remaining months of (2012).
2 - the federal government pays for the region early next week an advance (650) billion dinars according to the budget (2012) .. And (350) billion dinars over the weekend after the approval of the Cabinet.
3 - The province estimates of amounts expected to be exported during (2013) with dues to companies estimated the allocation for the same period to be included in the budget bill, in coordination with the Ministries of Planning and federated oil.
4 - The federal government and the provincial government a detailed report, submit to the Council of Ministers, on the quantities produced, exported and sold locally refined and dues paid for companies this way for a period of (2008) and end.
5 - The working group shall Checksum of parties led by the Office of the Federal Supervision his immediate audit costs and benefits of companies, and produced by labor contracts in the province.
6 - the exchange of information about the amount of crude oil refined and quantities of petroleum products and calculate the region's share according to the percentage (17%) of the total amount of crude oil refined with the percentage (17%) of crude oil supplier to the Ministry of Electricity, after deducting the proportion of black oil.
7 - form a higher committee of permanent representatives of the Federal Oil Ministry, financial and wealth in the region and Control Bureau and its counterparts in the region to follow up implementation of the agreement and handle any emergency is happening, and leave to the Federal Cabinet and regional determine the level of the Committee and delegated powers to the pending oil law and the distribution of federal revenues.
8 - the implementation of the agreement as a whole and breach of one of its clauses mean breach of the Convention.
9 - approve the agreement by the Federal Council of Ministers and the region.
We hope that this refutes the doctrine of pessimism agreement with the number "13".

Defect in the philosophy of public service .. Unemployment and services

Linked to the problem of services, unemployment and catering work, which is linked to the overall system .. With the increase of oil imports, rising role of the public sector .. Which has become the norm for Employment and rights as a whole, in addition to its size, which represents 40% of the labor force.

Employment in the state generally has (3) key pillars is the testimony, foot and retirement .. According to the Civil Service Act (No. 24 of 1960), as amended, as well as retirement laws and the many amendments. The problem is not the laws, and the large number of amendments, if handed the foundations and starting points .. The problem is the philosophy of law and its impact on the service system and work group systems and inherent rights. Service Act is seen to testify and speak about grades .. And reduces the job requirements. Should name the grades - generally - by the certificate and the foot, rather than an emphasis on the specifications of the site and the required qualifications and pilot tests necessary .. فتشترط Article (7) of the Act: nationality, age, health, morals, and the certificate. Despite the importance of educational attainment but the certificate is not enough to ...-placed

For the site, even if they met the requirement class. More important civil and ability.
Valmushara reassuring that its oil resources Stgnyh any effort to link the work productivity and efficiency. We are in front of resource distribution system, more than us in front of the public service system. This seems evident in recruitment, promotion and retirement. This construed Turakd be formal certificates and experience certificates and lightly professions .. Required in countries keen on the interests of their citizens and their economies delicate balance with graduate degrees. With wars and sanctions and economic dislocation, and the security situation, and the increase in oil resources, and temptations state land and money, vacations, الايفادات, everything is mixed-piggledy, and popularized fraud and corruption. Formal certificate فتقدمت, and spend time, and sometimes nepotism and party quotas and adulation as the basic criteria for service system, at the expense of qualified and loyal and dedicated .. Instead of serving the educational system and vocational Employment became the recruitment system to adapt the education system, which in turn negatively bounced on the latter. Retreated role and decreased levels. Vamtlit campaign certificates institutions both real and fictitious, counterfeit and upgradings and correct, and eligible retirees and counterfeiters.Especially with the non-activation of the law of the Federal service voter ago (3) years. Vtamlguet ratios looted money and wasted .. And increased levels of corruption and disguised unemployment, bringing the rate of meaningful work (17) minutes / day, according to studies .. This corresponds to unemployment Magdy Rady, and chaos and rigidity of labor laws, and retirement security, and injustice and exploitation in the non-governmental interests.

Unemployment .. The other face of the intransigence of narrow interests and looks the State bears the burden of the initiative and to develop solutions to the problem of unemployment .. Because of its funds and the ability of legislation and regulation and communication. The country needs to activate investments and labor-intensive projects. Unfortunately, not yet generated in the state administrators and collective consciousness allows the replacement policies braking and waste policies starting projects and investments ..

And an end to the state monopoly and dominance in property and money and initiatives. And it's not for lack of individual awareness of these issues .. But because of the interests and mafias "administrative Alaqtaat" that would resist the state's abandonment of its monopoly .. The interests visible and invisible to this parties Almashashh in and outside the state is keeping the crises, health and domination .. Which is what keeps the economy in decline and the erosion of the growing dependence on oil .. Which may be allowed in each year to declare about 100 thousand new jobs .. Which will absorb only about 20-25% of the annual rate of increase for job seekers (450 thousand approximately), and less than (3-5%) of the real unemployment (2.3 million unemployed) .. In Atkat time ...

T society annually by one million people .. The end of the universities and high schools and primary education each year about half a million people stage of their studies .. Looking each according to his testimony about the work and the future.
Valmlakat new necessity will not eliminate the problem of unemployment, but Stlbsaa mask .. And increase waste and corruption and retirees. The Ministry of Defense - for example - opened the door to volunteer for primary school graduates .. And absorb some unemployment .. But increases satiety and repeat the tragedy of Iraq .. And it will look like a negative and detrimental, developmentally and economically .. And serious, socially and politically.
If the radical reform will be delayed for any reason, the concept or unknown, that should not be a reason for the faithful to accept the wrong policies. They can, when you stand between two things, to emphasize that the new appointments in the productive sectors generating employment .. And encourage ownership of land and the granting of licenses and investments outside bureaucracies circles .. And afford work partially or fully in special projects with special .. And loans small and medium-sized investment borne by the state all or some .. And the provision of funds and retirement security for those interests or linked in some way state funds .. And diagnostic sectors and interests the most productive and absorption of unemployment. Valaskarh is agriculture and livestock .. And offices and bureaucracies is the industry .. And Alfajfajh delegations and manifestations is transport and communications, construction and housing .. And imports is manufacturing and extractive industries and infrastructure .. Etc..

President Talabani .. Resolve differences .. Or activate the participants?

The President returned healthy hospitals .. Ministry officials, leaders and representatives of countries and embassies .. And the transfer of all the president desire to be called the initiative .. Some of them even give him support pre .. Perhaps such attitudes concern more than it raises confidence .. May not reflect the seriousness or check .. A crisis of Iraqi politics filled Balbatunaiat .. To keep the doubt and anxiety master of the situation.

President may find himself in front of the two theories is irreconcilable, but the dismantling of the crisis requires determining priority between them. Recurrent crises, accumulated differences and opposites between the forces, including in one arena .. Either distract effort to resolve differences .. Or activate the participants even if they were small and scattered .. Stallion differences would seem impossible with the decline of confidence and lack of credibility scattered among several parties and key .. Many instruments and securities and has signed agreements were made .. But it remained a dead letter, amid mutual accusations .. Plunging squares suspicion devastating preemptive or preventive moves by each party .. And that led to the escalation of threatening entity homeland and its components .. And entered the red lines, political and security.
Nevertheless remains small and large participants frozen much bigger than the differences, antonyms active .. And required the heart of the equation. The oil agreement September 13 is a great proof of that .. To emphasize the importance of resorting to the second theory as a priority is to focus on. Oil case file, which was portrayed as one of the most complex files, Pat - after the recent agreement - closer to the ease of a clear and shared vision, including the direction of approving the oil law and the distribution of financial resources. The mutual benefits and the participants achieve the interests of the people all Lawynh, and restore dialogue and trust between the parties. Everyone, led by the citizen, who has an interest in the coming investment and the fight against unemployment and the provision of services .. And strengthening security and stability .. And liquidate the legacy of the former regime and restoring the rights of the owners .. And emptying prisons and jails .. And protect and build federalism, decentralization and civil life and constitutional institutions and the completion of the legislation of laws and regulations broken .. And the promotion of justice and the role of the judiciary .. In confirm the unity of the country and the role of regional and international Iraq.
Does not have a stick President Moses .. But stick wisdom and unity are no less influential .. He and his brothers could be put banners war and fighting and stubbornness behind .. And freeze Pisarhm differences .. And Ertkazhoa stick sanity participants .. To make their way amid the waves, down to the beach security and peace.