I wanted to make sure you were aware that Glenn Beck has a new website on Dish Network,
channel 212. Some who have Dish may or may not have access, possibly depends on the
package one has. Glenn, in my opinion, has done us all a great service in searching for truth.

Last night Glenn aired Part 1 of 2 Parts of 'The Project'. (This has been in the making over
the last several years.)
On his website at www.theblaze.com/theproject is a preview for you to see
what it is about. For those who have become members of his website, www.theblaze.com,
Part 1 is recorded there. Part 2 will be on tonight, 9/27 at 8pm EDT, channel 212.

Glenn, on his TV show suggested to those who are interested in helping to save America
(which he hopes every American is) to register as a member to watch the videos. It is free for 2
weeks so no membership fee ($9.95 a mo) will be charged until in October and if you don't
want to remain a member, just cancel and you will never be charged. In the meantime, one
can have access to 'The Project' and much, much more news that you will never hear in the
mainstream media.

Tonight at 8pm EDT, Glenn will air PART 2