Differences topple vote for amnesty .. Chalabi demanded under the supervision of Parliament on infrastructure
Date: Friday 09/28/2012 07:52 am

Baghdad / term
prevented political differences between Iraqi factions without the consent of the House of Representatives yesterday on two important laws controversial general amnesty and reconstruction of infrastructure has been postponed voting on them to another date amid doubts at the end of these differences soon

While the refusal of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to link some of these blocks consent to laws Pettmrirhma in a single package.
has focused differences on the general amnesty law on the grounds that it will come out of prison "murderers and terrorists and counterfeiters" with concentrated opposition bill reconstruction of infrastructure on fears of "mortgage riches Iraq's oil to foreign companies because it provides for deferred payment mechanism for companies implementing projects. " Against this background I have asked the political blocs more time to propose amendments to the draft laws to achieve returns positive both on the political situation and economic development in the country.
For his part, has refused to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to link passage of a law infrastructure amnesty said in a statement to Al-Iraqiya official "link Law infrastructure and service sectors general amnesty is wrong. " He explained that "the law of the infrastructure of the most important laws submitted by the government and aims through it to achieve a quantum leap in the services provided to all Iraqis," saying that the beneficiaries of this law are all Iraqis in all provinces. "And stressed that the political objectives behind the rejection of some of the blocks of the law seeks to impede the government's success in work and not completed any projects for the benefit of Iraqis refused to say that put the law in this particular time behind electoral purposes. Maliki stressed government's opposition to the amnesty law as it stands explaining that he provides only the exception of "committed his" terrorist acts rather than helped or planned for this business.
led differences many on the general amnesty law to be hauled a formal request by Bahaa al-Araji, head block free bra proposed law so as to give a chance to modify some of its articles until next Monday.
has focused differences primarily on Article IV of the bill for not excluded from the amnesty the perpetrators of terrorist operations or assistants to implement and promote them. The general amnesty law one items political agreement that paved for the formation of the Iraqi government and which support the Sadrist nomination of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for a second term. worried the Iraqi government will have to cover the new amnesty law accused of murder according to Article IV of the Anti-Terrorism Act and to coincide with the Ministry of Justice announced that the number of prison inmates affiliate in various Iraqi provinces reached 28 thousand and 822 inmates.
has also led differences many on the draft law of infrastructure projects, which centered on fears of falling into the abyss of corruption and mortgage oil wealth to foreign companies implemented because it provides for a mechanism to pay for these companies to postpone the vote until further notice.
According to the law of the infrastructure will be assigned to a number of foreign companies implementing special projects infrastructure in Iraq, in a manner payment on credit but demands blocks for amendments to some materials may push to delay a vote on it.
At yesterday's meeting the Chairman of the Iraqi National Congress, Ahmad Chalabi proposals for the National Coalition for amendments to the law in order to vote for him. included these controls proposed the need for a global company advisory neutral consider each contract separately to ensure that entry side political project and are linked to the Council of Representatives, which is being contracted to the sequence of a specialized committee of the Council. "