Maliki: Iraq has achieved success in national reconciliation

September 27 2012 - 05:25 PM

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki that Iraq has achieved success in the field of national reconciliation in the timing of time sensitive, explaining: What a forgotten pride is cohesion people and contain the attack on Iraq and the start of phase reaction through the process of building on the foundations of scientific and objective.
Maliki said while attending the Cultural Congress first in Baghdad: The roots of national reconciliation are the roots of humanity celestial known throughout the stations history, can not look at it being a product of human, which does not reflect the meaning that we disagree and تحاربنا then reconciled, but express the participants and acceptance of the other and dialogue with him.
He added that the achievements in national reconciliation us today before the need to make reconciliation sustainable and not just extinguish fires, calling Iraqi intellectual through his pen and his newspaper, and his research to contribute to the reconciliation and prevent the return of extremism and violence.
Maliki has demanded to protect Iraq from external influences, racism and sectarianism and nationalism, and the consolidation of national unity and convergence on the basis of the Constitution and freedom and freedom of expression, and a state of the citizen that does not distinguish between Iraq and another Iraqi, stressing the importance of dialogue and correct misconceptions and refused thinking behalf because the Iraqi people have suffered so much from the countries that they want to impose themselves and Ossaatha on Iraq, and wanted to be a substitute for it