Serbest Mustafa selected as the head of the electoral commission

Wednesday, 26 September 2012 13:25
Shafaq News / The electoral commission announced on Wednesday , selecting Serbest Mustafa as the new head of its office , while Katee al-Zobaie as his deputy and Meqdad al-Sharifi as constituency.

According to a statement by the Commission media for "Shafaq News" that "the Commissioners counsil held a meeting today and chose Serbset Mustafa as a chairman of the Electoral Commission."

"The Council also decided that Katee al-Zobaie would be the deputy and Meqdad al-Sharifi to be the head of the administration, the Council adopted another resolution to appoint ,Wael al-Waeli as a decision maker of the Commission.

The Iraqi parliament voted 10 days ago on eight new members of the Independent Higher Commission for Elections Council, while it didnít vote on the ninth candidate to fill the membership of the Council due to the differences among the political blocs.

It is noteworthy that the Electoral Commission for elections in Iraq was formed by order of the Provisional Coalition Authority No. 92 in (31 May 2004) to be exclusive only for the electoral authority in Iraq, the commission is an independent professional body, non-partisan self-administered and state-owned but independent from the executive, legislative and judicial branches, it has the absolute power of the law, the power to declare the application and implementation of regulations, rules and procedures relating to elections during the transitional period, as the Iraqi political forces didnít have the power to select members of the Board of Commissioners in the transitional phase, unlike the current members of the Commission who have been selected by the parliament.

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