On: Wednesday 26/09/2012 09:29 am

 Baghdad / Wael grace
Transfer close to House Speaker Osama Najafi yesterday that he told President Jalal Talabani during his recent visit to Sulaymaniyah confirmed at the national meeting was held in order to resolve the political crisis, a position contrary to what is announced by the coalition in Iraq, which stresses the need to refer to the Convention on Arbil.

Said Mohammed al-Khalidi member Iraqi List headed by Najafi and were part of the Iraqi List, the "long" "The President of the House of Representatives approved the initiative of the President of the Republic, a national meeting." For his part, said Akram al-Obeidi, spokesman for House Speaker that "Nujaifi discussed the initiative of President Talabani and hold national meeting," emphasized the "long" that "the delegation that visited the President of the Republic is one of the Iraqi List, exclusively, and Nujaifi reassured on the health of the president and discussed with him the political crisis ".

In the meantime, reduced general secretary of the Liberal bloc represented the Sadrist movement and internalized within the National Alliance, which leads the government Zia al-Asadi of the importance of the efforts being made to overcome the political crisis, while still Iraqi refuses to talk about national gathering brings together protagonists at the same table sponsored by Talabani. The MP for the Iraqi victory Allawi had said earlier in the "long" that "the Iraqi leader Iyad Allawi will attend the national meeting in any way," emphasizing that "Iraq insists on return to Erbil agreement, which was formed on the basis of the government."

The Liberal bloc has demanded that the National Alliance to include an item within the reformist paper provides the mandates of the three presidencies consecutive two sessions only, and rejection of a coalition of state law.

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