Tuesday, September 25, 2012 19:56
Nassif reveal Baghdadi News the reasons for the withdrawal of Iraqi Obeidi's candidacy for defense

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BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. Free revealed the coalition in Iraq, Tuesday, about the reasons for the withdrawal of the Iraqi List, nominated Khalid al-Obeidi for the post of defense minister.
Said coalition member high Nassif told / Baghdadiya News / .. "The Iraqi List has withdrawn the nomination of Khaled al-Obeidi to take over as defense minister on the background of the meeting, which took place between the leader, Iyad Allawi and al-Obeidi and the insistence of the latter to carry out the orders the commander of the armed forces in the event of his tenure as the ministry", noting that "Allawi resenting him a lot and decided to withdraw his candidacy official letter face to the Prime Minister. "
"The Iraqi insists always present candidates know that they did not Ahoudo accept Prime Minister in order to keep the security situation deteriorating and directed the charges and default permanent government, asserting that" al-Obeidi is candidates Najafi and agreed within the list and even by the government. "
The menu has nominated its deputy Khaled al-Obeidi to assume the defense portfolio, which is managed by proxy now by the Minister of Culture Saadoun al-Dulaimi, sources indicated to get Obeidi government approval, but the Iraqi surprised Maliki to withdraw its candidate an official letter addressed to the Council of Ministers to nominate four others substitute and rejected by Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. Finished / 21
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