Secretary-General of the Community for Iraq calls on all politicians to give up selfish political for the sake of Iraq
Date: 09/25/2012 22:10:53 Tuesday

Baghdad (news) .. called the Secretary General of the Community for Iraq thunder born Savior, President Jalal Talabani to begin their duties reform of the political circumstances that Iraq is going through collaboration with all partners in the political process and to be in Iraq's interest above any other consideration, stressing his confidence that all political actors stepped in this direction, but it has to be from the liquidation of the souls and the waiver of selfish political and sit everyone for the sake of Iraq and the generous people who wait and wait much much more.
said a press release of the congregation received Agency (news) copy of it on Tuesday: that the political crisis taking place today and the previous crises and what inflicted by other crises caused all of sectarian quotas and quotas partisan formed and deepened over the past decade in addition to the writing of the current Constitution in haste and there is no law civilized parties and the law fair election are all reasons exist and will remain effective in aggravating congestion process political, if not hasten everyone to resolve their differences and find practical solutions effective for all these errors and problems. stressed Savior on: that the Iraqi people of all sects and components reconciled with itself and Mtakhi and homogeneous since ancient times and we need him is political reconciliation fact based on respect for others' opinions and putting the interests of the people In any other interest. Regarding political reform paper, said Raad born Savior: Although we do not know its contents so far, but we believe that any plan or a step toward reforming scientific and political status quo is a benefit of Iraq and the people of Iraq and I am confident that Prime Minister Nuri Maliki and the Iraqi National Alliance, as well as Iyad Allawi and Massoud Barzani and the rest of political actors are keen to ensure the success of the political process and correct track to serve everyone. pointed to: that suffocation through which the political process and the current government can be dissolved to form a government of technocrats from outside the Parliament, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for the period remaining until the next election may be a reasonable solution to overcome this crisis and may be like this lineup Independent appreciate the harmony and achievement rather than spinning in a circle factional interests and partisan. noted the statement: that the election law as it now stands and former does not fit with the fact the political situation in Iraq and the reality of society, stressing the need to learn from countries and peoples are similar to the situation in Iraq, which passed the same conditions as it can make us overcome many of the pitfalls of legal and applied to get us to the law of elections is easy to apply the concept of materials and details and achieve transparency and justice in the application and do justice to racial and ethnic minorities also do justice to the majority in our society Almtakhi . confirmed: the selection of members Electoral Commission must be confined personalities independent and proven patriotism away from any sectarian quotas, racial or partisan, noting that the basis for the selection of members of the Commission is neutral and loyal to Iraq only and not for any other consideration. With regard to party alliances occurring at the present time, said Savior: While we support it any joint effort, we at the same time insist and emphasize that these alliances nature Iraqi national sincere far from quotas in all its forms and we will be one of the first supporters of this approach from the political track national. / Finished / o. p /