Deputy for the law: the dissolution of parliament or the formation of a government of the majority are the alternative to the national meeting

The MP said the coalition of state law, Abdul Salam al-Maliki's insistence that some political blocs to thwart the national meeting and prejudice on paper political reform will necessarily reach a dead end is rewarded with the inevitable dissolution of parliament or the formation of a majority government political.
Maliki said in a statement Tuesday that the continued crisis and the problems in Iraq has become unacceptable, stressing the need to sit all the political parties at the table of dialogue and one under the umbrella of the constitution to put all the problems away from the political atmosphere charged.
added that the national meeting and paper political reform ستكونان gate safety to cross to solve all political problems can be solved , stressing that he did not stay in front of the political blocs to get out of the current crisis but the national meeting.
Reading Tuesday September 25 2012