Allawi surprising his presence to discuss infrastructure

On: Wednesday 26/09/2012 10:05 am

 Baghdad / Iyad al-Tamimi
postponed the House of Representatives on Tuesday to vote on the law of infrastructure to next Thursday for lack of agreement on its terms, after the decision was taken in what appears in the meeting Presidency of the Council of Representatives with the heads of blocs, such as yesterday's trading session two hours did not reach the conferees to agree to pass .

And yesterday's meeting saw the presence of the coalition, the Iraqi leader Iyad Allawi unusually it's just that he left the parliament building after reassuring not to pass a law that infrastructure, while Congress considered the presence of the leader of Iraq, holds more than a message to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

Source from within the Iraqi List, said that Allawi attended to urge his list not to vote on the law infrastructure even completed the technical aspects, considering the dispute over the law politically, not technically, with saw deputies that the audience came after feeling Allawi that leadership of the Iraqi List withdraw from it, and that orientations of Osama Najafi, Saleh al-Mutlaq to isolate it became clear in the words of Deputy for the National Alliance.

Jawad said Albzona told the reporter term in the House of Representatives, that the presence of Allawi, "has something positive, is deputy chosen by the people like the rest of the House and he has to exercise its oversight role and legislative closely."

He guessed Albzona be Allawi had heard that there was rated one of the leaders in Iraq to take over the leadership of the existing, isolated, and his presence was to confirm his leadership of the list.

And news urged Allawi Iraqi MPs not to vote on the law of infrastructure, said Albzona that "the law has been postponed for lack of agreement leaders blocs, nothing to do with the order Prime Minister former," adding that Allawi has control over decisions blocks that fall in Iraq, and said that " Iraqi lawmakers have expressed their welcome by the law and did not oppose the event was voted on next Thursday. "

Dialogue Front felt internalized in existing Iraqi leader told Congress list that will be present in one session at least a week to follow up on things and meeting existing organ periodically.

Member list MP Nahida Daini said in an interview with the range yesterday that Allawi will attend continuously in order to bridge the gap in views between the blocks within Iraq, after the news that talked about the possibility of taking one of the leaders of existing leadership instead of Allawi.

Daini indicated that the Iraqi List, did not stand against the law of infrastructure, adding "but we asked to have a clearly defined law", denying any direction from the menu to the politicization of the law.

Daini confirmed that "al-Maliki agreed to the amendments made by the Iraqi List, on the law," likely passed by consensus, but it has ruled out approval in Thursday's session, for non-completion of the discussions between the main blocs.

For his part, saw the Kurdistan Alliance attend Allawi and Maliki before the House of Representatives in order infrastructure law casts the law more than a question mark.

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki called, on September 15 last year, during a press conference held at the parliament building on the sidelines hosted, to vote on the bill infrastructure. While saying that the project includes the removal of abuses and to find solutions for bypassing, pointed out that it will contract with reputable companies in the countries of Japan, Korea and China to implement infrastructure projects, as demanded by the House of Representatives to allocate $ 37 billion for the advancement of the country's infrastructure.

And requested the presence of al-Maliki came to the House of Representatives request him personally in order to clarify the law on parliament and discuss it, because of its importance.

Kurdistan Alliance MP Sherif Soliman said in an interview with the long yesterday that the "Privacy Act infrastructure is what drives the presence of figures such as Allawi and al-Maliki to discuss the law and express their views." Solomon did not rule out that the law would be vulnerable to political deals, stressing that the Liberal bloc not vote without passing the general amnesty law, likely that Thursday's meeting of the sessions will be difficult because legal infrastructure and a general amnesty will be on the agenda. Suleiman denied that the Kurdistan Alliance, a party such Thus deals describing the them Batabieih to a consensus continuously in the state administration.

In the meantime, Liberal bloc ruled that the vote on the law in light of the current legal and technical violations.

A member of the bloc MP Mohammad Reza Khafaji Act infrastructure underwent powerful political wills within the government and it does not serve the citizen. Khafaji directory by successive governments "proved to be a failure in the management of funds and building the state and its institutions and governments spend more than 700 billion dollars and nothing concrete on the level of service."

Khafaji said in a statement to the extent of yesterday, "We in the Liberal bloc do not trust the government that the disposal of the money for the services sector," likely that the money is distributed to some powerful personalities in the state.

Khafaji considered that the presence of the Iraqi leader in yesterday's session is to overthrow the law, contending that such symbols do not want the citizens to enjoy the wealth of the country.