State law (brother): waiting for the return of Talabani to Baghdad to deliver a paper reform

By khabaar 2 for 16 hours 32 minutes

Brother Baghdad
Confirmed an MP for the coalition of state law, Fatima Hamidi "said the National Alliance would send the draft political reform to President Jalal Talabani, to look at it, as soon as it arrives to Baghdad."

She told news news (et) that "there is no specific timing to start the process of implementing the political and governmental reforms, and that the agreement of the political blocs on the main axes of the reform and the implementation mechanism, determined to initiate the implementation of the reforms."

She added: "The National Alliance has a vision and complete project for reform, it is assumed that the President of the Republic, to hold meetings with the leaders of political blocs, to bring the views between the blocks and paper display reform submitted by the National Alliance, for discussion, and thus out paper uniform, to be presented at the national meeting to be held soon. "