Deputy for Kurdistan: Talabani will carry with him to Baghdad radical solutions to outstanding problems : Monday, September 24 / September 2012 15:39

BAGHDAD / With: MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Hassan Jihad that President Jalal Talabani will carry with him to Baghdad radical solutions to the problems and differences between the various blocs, stressing that Talabani will not paper adopts the reform of the National Alliance, but will bring together all the cards

Jihad said in an interview with the News Agency correspondent future Monday: that "Talabani will remain throughout the week in the province of Sulaimaniyah for meetings with political forces, as he would return to Baghdad next week in order to prepare for the National Conference," noting that meetings held by Talabani are To find ideas and things and processors shared between the political blocs in the National Congress. "

Jihad said that there is a consensus on several issues important by the political blocs, They agree that steps Talabani coming to collect political for processors immediate and fragile, but will adopt processors root and clear that would put an end to several things hinder the political process in Iraq.

Jihad said that Talabani will not deal with reform paper only, but take place within the paper agreements Erbil I and II, and with the decisions of Najaf and reform project which adopted the National Alliance, adding that the most important points that Sakhaddaha Talabani for discussion during a meeting of the political blocs is the Federal Court, and the security ministries, The theme of true partnership, and the rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers, and the performance of the government, and the relationship between the province and the center.