Political leaders hold bilateral and trilateral meetings in Baghdad within days

09/25/2012 12:00 am

Talabani meets Najafi in Sulaymaniyah and looking in Erbil see democratic resolve the crisis
BAGHDAD - Alaa al-Tai
witnessing the next few days for bilateral meetings and three between political leaders after meeting a positive happened in Sulaymaniyah yesterday between President Jalal Talabani and parliament speaker Osama al.
comes at a time begins President dialogues in Arbil to discuss the vision of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, headed by the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani on resolving the crisis, according to Kurdish sources for »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network».
has discussed the President and the Speaker of Parliament yesterday on the current situation, and how to proceed in supporting the political process . said a presidential statement received "morning," a copy of it yesterday, that Talabani reviewed with Nujaifi political situation and ways of activating the national dialogues on the basis of understanding fraternal which puts into consideration the interest of the country and the people in this circumstance delicate and ensures compliance with the Constitution and labor agreements. The head of the House of Representatives, who arrived to Sulaymaniyah yesterday, accompanied by a large delegation of members of the House of Representatives for the Iraqi List, the importance of the political role of President in overcoming obstacles and to reach an understanding and a comprehensive national would advance the political process and upgrading them to serve the actual needs of the Iraqi public in all areas. At the outset of the meeting, congratulated Nujaifi President Republic successfully surgery and his return to save God to the country.
and across the President thanked the Speaker and the House accompanying him on the visit and feelings fraternal and wishes, pointing to the importance of work and cooperation between everyone to unite all and concerted efforts to overcome the differences between the various parties and purify the atmosphere and that helps everyone to get to best performance levels of political and service and legislative branches., said the National Alliance MP Abbas al-Bayati: The «Back Talabani mission after holding meetings in Sulaymaniyah with political leaders yielded a preliminary understanding on the importance of dialogue and political reform and arrival to Baghdad means that the capital will see mobility and range of form of bilateral meetings and triple ».
Al-Bayati said in a statement »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network», that «President Talabani touches serious desire of the parties to work together to find a solution to political problems», indicating that «there are three options for the crisis, the first: to keep crisis consuming and draining and paralyze the country and institutions, secondly: to go to the national reform and political basis of the constitution, Third: we go to early elections and give honesty to the people to elect of discretion in the administration of the country for the next stage ».
and continued: «national meeting to be held is to serve home and solve problems of the country, it does not participate in the solution to bear responsibility before the people and give justifications because the Iraqis know that the crisis created by politicians did not come from heaven For political blocs resolved », adding that« reform project adopted by the coalition to take into consideration all the papers, including Arbil first, second and third papers Najaf and found common nationally viable solution .. We believe we are in our meetings confirmed everyone support package first of the reforms presented by the President of the National Alliance Ibrahim Jaafari ». And added by saying:« We are now at the stage of the boot and prepare for the issue of reform, which starts from the understanding and meetings and to enhance confidence and then culminate in the National Conference ». On the subject of security ministries , said al-Bayati: The «Thread became the verge of decisiveness and soon settled the matter, because the names of candidates found at the political blocs». ​​turn, MP for the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahmoud Othman said «the president has a real vision to resolve the crisis between the political blocs being a man politically wise and political leader has the ability to resolve differences in two days, but it remains subject to the political will for the rest of the parties concerned by the crisis », stressing that the solution lies in the willingness of the blocks real to reach results and exit to the crisis. Osman said in a statement» Center Brief Media Network Iraqi »:» I think that the solution is to change the style of administration of the country because the continuation of the crisis and not to go to the dialogue or sitting at a table dialogue will contribute to pushing the country into the unknown, so the best option for all political forces is dialogue and respond to an invitation Talabani to find participants, either boycott it ADHD real project or initiative of the President of the Republic. were senior political sources told Bri Center for the Iraqi Media Network, the orientation of the President of the Republic to make a new initiative to resolve political differences, indicating that the initiative includes the invitation to the meeting National and adopt the reformist paper as a general method, in addition to a new paragraph provides framing relations and agreed to reset crises and draw a new map based on the Constitution and previous agreements during the next term. MP on Alfalh Back President Baghdad as 'a positive thing', and contacts that will be undertaken will contribute to overcome many obstacles and give all parties and constitutional solution seekers more confidence as a sponsor of the Constitution. He also said Alfalh's »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network»: The «Talabani personal positive in overcoming differences, and president may be asked of the parties show flexibility or response, according to have the respect and the weight of the blocks».
and continued: «coming days will witness a movement of meetings to push the case of isolationism towards openness, noting that «the remainder of the life of the government should not be Adhaa must be careful everyone on the success of the main lines in the work and the President of the Republic will be the launch of this solution.