Arab political Talabani demand a national meeting

Called the Arab Political Council in Kirkuk, Iraqi President Jalal Talabani to work at the national meeting was held and the convergence of views between the political parties to maintain "national cohesion and unity of Iraq as owned by a man of experience and prestige among all the parties."
A statement issued by the Council received "Kirkuk Naw" copy, "We hope the president a speedy recovery and health, and with our hope as representatives of Kirkuk's Arabs after the return to Iraq to work on political parties, which rely on the draft National Congress."
And also Ojhar that a reform paper presented by the National Alliance is to heal the rift in the political process "which resound votes existence crisis, and this Manbarrh some parties of instability and lawlessness in the total area of ​​Iraq."
The statement stressed that the popular demand is a meeting of political forces at the dialogue table and put a priority of the security file to dialogue, and to find radical solutions to security breaches and reduce casualties.