Maliki frightened of contact Biden and reprimanded decides to inspect Iranian planes
- 23/09/2012
Echo truth

An official in Maliki's government in Baghdad authorities decided a random inspection on Iranian planes bound for Syria, which is suspected in the transfer of weapons there. The site said the seventh day Masri said Ali al-Moussawi Mschesar Nuri al-Maliki said that Baghdad authorities informed its Iranian counterpart that Iranian planes bound for Syria will be subject to inspection. The Baghdad authorities denied Friday a North Korean fighter jet from entering Iraqi airspace on suspicion of carrying weapons to Syria. The Joe Biden held a phone call with al-Maliki on Friday ordered the latter of the need to prevent the use of land and airspace of Iraq in the transfer of weapons and fighters to Syria. But the White House wanted to mitigate this issue by saying in a statement that Biden had discussed with Maliki regional security issues, including the need to prevent any state from land use and Iraqi airspace to send weapons and fighters to Syria. The connection comes Biden Maliki after Western intelligence report said that Iranian aircraft weapons and soldiers quoted through Iraqi airspace to Syria. U.S. officials also accused Maliki of allowing Iran to transfer weapons to Assad forces through Iraqi airspace.