Agreement "September 13" oil between the federal government and the province
09/23/2012 - 3:33 pm | Hits: 3

By: Outgoing Vice President Adel Abdul-Mahdi

Without sensation, which is correct, approved by the Council of Ministers the federal and provincial governments on the agreement signed in (09/13/2012) Deputy Prime Minister and ministers of finance, oil, trade and Chairman of the Board of Supreme Audit and the Minister of wealth in the region.Results is the introduction of direct production of Kurdistan (0.5-1.0 billion dollars / month) according to the quantity and price to the state treasury, and rising prices will increase and the quantities produced .. Conversely Wants province of reducing expenses and increasing amounts (17%) and expenditures ruling and increasing its investments .. The national partnership will be strengthened, and strengthens the negotiating parties and the producing provinces .. The decline disputes ridiculous and misleading packaging and double losses. Agreement (9) points, essentially:
1 - Muslim quantities of crude oil from the province of the federal government at a rate (140) thousand b / d for the remainder of the month of September .. And (200) thousand b / d for the remaining months of (2012).
2 - the federal government pays for the region early next week an advance (650) billion dinars according to the budget (2012) .. And (350) billion dinars over the weekend after the approval of the Cabinet.
3 - The province estimates of amounts expected to be exported during (2013) with dues to companies estimated the allocation for the same period to be included in the budget bill, in coordination with the Ministries of Planning and federated oil.
4 - The federal government and the provincial government a detailed report, submit to the Council of Ministers, on the quantities produced, exported and sold locally refined and dues paid for companies this way for a period of (2008) and end.
5 - The working group shall Checksum of parties led by the Office of the Federal Supervision his immediate audit costs and benefits of companies, and produced by labor contracts in the province.
6 - the exchange of information about the amount of crude oil refined and quantities of petroleum products and calculate the region's share according to the percentage (17%) of the total amount of crude oil refined with the percentage (17%) of crude oil supplier to the Ministry of Electricity, after deducting the proportion of black oil.
7 - form a higher committee of permanent representatives of the Federal Oil Ministry, financial and wealth in the region and Control Bureau and its counterparts in the region to follow up implementation of the agreement and handle any emergency is happening, and leave to the Federal Cabinet and regional determine the level of the Committee and delegated powers to the pending oil law and the distribution of federal revenues.
8 - the implementation of the agreement as a whole and breach of one of its clauses mean breach of the Convention.
9 - approve the agreement by the Federal Council of Ministers and the region.
We hope that this refutes the doctrine of pessimism agreement with the number "13".