Submit a project to change the removal of the word "independent" of the Electoral Commission

Twilight News / Kurdish MDC announced on Saturday, it will submit a project to the Iraqi Council of Representatives to remove the word "independent" from the Electoral Commission for the elections, noting that the Commission "is no longer" independent and it is formed according to the quota system.

A member of the mass change ruler Sheikh nice for "Twilight News" that "The Commission now no longer independent. Partisan Commission will therefore adopt the proposed law amending the Law Commission to disarm the word independent ones, so just keep the Electoral Commission."

Kurdish and criticism made against the MDC because of its position cushions with a list of state law by making members of the 15-member Commission instead of 9 members Sheikh answered nicely by saying, "This is not true because the democratic coalition in the state with other blocks something project."

And he wondered "Why are they (the Democratic Party and Patriotic Union Alchordstanaan) alliance, and have had a project, whether it is for them and forbidden to us today?".

"This was not an alliance but was just approved at a certain point. Those of us who suggested making members of the Commission of 15 people and is adopted (coalition) the rule of law."

On a reliable information as to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan these days that Iraqi President Jalal Talabani will resolve the political crisis, said a member of the MDC opposition, "I do not count on the problems and the Iraqi crisis will end with the return of Talabani."

He said Talabani "little validity, and although there are some calm and the presence of some meetings, but did not reach the level of agreement that there is no will to compromise and reconciliation agreement."

With regard to the recent agreement reached Baghdad and Erbil on oil, said Sheikh Latif "This agreement will lead to solving other problems because the Kurdish party running just behind the oil and not serious in resolving other outstanding issues and problems that are fundamental problems."

He concluded Sheikh nice by saying that "the problem of oil is not the main problem for the Kurdistan Region, but the problem of constitutional article 140 is the main problem, but so far we have not seen serious from the Kurdish side to the implementation of article, as far as push to address the issue of the benefits of foreign oil companies."التغيير-تقدم-مشروعا-لنزع-كلمة-المستقلة-من-مفوضية-الانتخابات.html&usg=ALkJrhj0LIHBjqs0GH3EZHJR1KxdabOwxw