Iraqi List: We are convinced Maliki will remain in charge of defense and interior ministries until the end of the election cycle : Iraqi: Hakepta defense and interior will remain Maliki, however, until the end of the electoral cycle
The time on Saturday, 22 September / September 2012 08:35

The MP said the Iraqi List, Hamid Cassar: “We are convinced that the interior and defense portfolios will remain with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, a proxy to the end of the current election cycle.”

Cassar said that “the Iraqi List, agree that there should be a candidate for the Department of Defense.” Noting that the list provided many of the names of the candidates but rejected by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. And “Why did not nominate the National Alliance names distracting inner bag so there is a decisive stand on the political blocs to this issue, and can be seen to the Iraqi street who did not accept manned the defense and interior portfolios?”. “When nominate National Alliance names for occupancy inner bag and the Iraqi List also candidate names for occupancy defense portfolio and raise the names to the Prime Minister and converts it to the House to vote on these names will be the last word to the parliament for occupancy of these two bags and end this issue.” The leader of the coalition of state law had criticized the names provided by the Iraqi List to fill the post of defense minister. The MP said Sami al-Askari said that “the names put forward by the Iraqi List for the post of Defense Minister old and duplicate, had previously rejected, and rejection reason that this position where many specifications, including the fact that not be personal candidate political, and must meet the several specifications of the experience and expertise of military and his career. “