Talabani plans to launch a new initiative to resolve political differences

22/09/2012 12:00 am

National Alliance will present a paper to reform President
BAGHDAD - morning,
senior political sources revealed for "Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network," directed by President Jalal Talabani to make a new initiative to resolve political differences.
Sources said : "The initiative includes national invitation to the meeting and adopt the reformist paper, in addition to a new paragraph provides framing and reset relations crises and draw a new map based on the Constitution and previous agreements."
sources confirmed that " The initiative will be new, including in respect of ideas, but based on the same spirit of the initiatives put forward by President Talabani during the last term, "pointing out that Talabani will return to Baghdad this week to move the wheel of the political talks.
was the President of the Republic may received in the city of Sulaimaniya yesterday, and a large parliamentary delegation headed by Chairman of the National Reform Movement and president of the National Alliance in the House of Representatives, Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari, and the membership of the Vice President of the National Alliance and the head of the state law, Sheikh Khalid al-Attiya and the head of the Liberal Bahaa al-Araji, the head of the Virtue Ammar Tohme and a number of other MPs and political figures.
At the meeting, which was attended by the President of the Office of the Presidency of the Republic Mr. Naseer al-Ani, a number of members of the political bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Jaafari feet congratulations President Talabani on his return in peace and well-being of the home after therapeutic trip to the Federal Republic of Germany, which was a success, and wished him success in continuing his duties, especially in his efforts and endeavors in order to remove the obstacles and hurdles faced by the operation the entire political and dismantling crises faced by the administration of the country. For his part, President Talabani thanks and gratitude to al-Jaafari and his accompanying delegation on the visit, figuring it was a big brotherly gesture.
According to a presidential statement received "morning," a copy him, it was the political and economic situation of great importance during the meeting, where they were trading all aspects of responsibility and attention .. Also took issue start of meetings and talks between all parties in order to resolve the problems and differences existing in the political arena and administrative in the country, a large part of the meeting, and in this regard the President stressed the need to find a suitable ground to create a climate necessary to create a political atmosphere quiet and appropriately dominated by fraternal frank dialogue to resolve the problems and issues.
President Talabani also expressed optimism about the course of things, noting that there are serious trends to solve problems and find ways to make the dismantling of crises in order to create a strong united Iraq and restoring its historic role to achieve the aspirations of his people in peace, harmony and prosperity. Jaafari stressed, according to the statement, the importance of the presence of President Talabani in this sensitive stage, praising the role played by the Iraqi reunion his wisdom and without discrimination, stressing his full support for his efforts to unify the attitudes and perspectives among all political parties.
was President Jalal Talabani met last Wednesday, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his accompanying delegation, as MP for State of Law coalition Kamal-Saadi said the talks between the President and the Prime Minister addressed the issues in general without going into details, he said, adding in a statement the "Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network," The coming days will witness discussion the basic axes of date held a national meeting and paper reform and important laws. "
also met with the President of the Republic and a delegation representing a large number of parties and political and religious forces led by Ammar al-Hakim, head ISCI and the membership of Dr. Ahmed Chalabi, head of the Iraqi National Congress and Sharif Ali Bin Al Hussein, Secretary General of the Constitutional Monarchy Movement, Sheikh Mahmoud al-Issawi a Hadra Qadiriya imam and Shlemon and ردوني Vice Cardinal Daly and Sheikh Khalid Al Mulla head of a group of Iraqi scientists and good sari Jihad Secretary General and construction Mohammed Saeed Nomani of the Secretary-General of the General Conference of the Faili Kurds, in addition to a large number of other officials.
congratulated Mr. Ammar al-Hakim and the visiting delegation of President Talabani on his return from his trip successful therapeutic from Germany, expressing his pleasure its follow-up of meetings and consultations with the parties in the political process.
During the meeting discussed the overall political situation and the current developments on the scene, where the president stressed the importance of giving priority to the language of civilized dialogue in order to ease the atmosphere and create a favorable political climate for discussion outstanding issues down to expand the areas of understanding and to find solutions acceptable to all the contentious issues that are impeding the progress forward., for his part, said Mr. Ammar al-Hakim to the importance of the basic role of the Whole to President Talabani to collect the Iraqis under his tent wise and national, stressing that the position of President Talabani large in the hearts of all Iraqis of various political persuasions, religious and ideological, expressing his support for the central role played by His Excellency constantly on the Iraqi arena for reunification and the unification of different visions and perceptions so as to consolidate the partnership National and the development of the political process at all levels.
desk was the top religious authority Ali al-Sistani may contact the Office of the President of the Republic, as it has been by contacting a welcome move, the supreme President Talabani to return home from his trip therapeutic and according to a presidential statement, the Mr. Sistani wished "success to the efforts of the good that President Talabani continues efforts to resolve the outstanding problems in Iraq." In the meantime, he received the President of the Republic yesterday sent a congratulatory message from President Iraqi National List of Iyad Allawi mark the auspicious Excellency return to the homeland. Allawi said in his letter, according to a presidential statement: "Praise be to God for the safety of your return and and Taafikm God willing, health and permanent Muwafaqiya".
"We also know I was following closely developments health and thankfully you are assured of surgical and medical procedures during your stay in Germany for treatment, as I was sure that you were in need of complete comfort, it is usually part of the treatment As a retired physician
". Allawi continued: "There is no doubt that your return to safety is important to the Iraqis as a whole, as that things, as you know does not please anyone and confusion still exists and ship buffeted by the waves but great confidence in our people and our fervent hope that the Iraqi people will exceed ordeal where he is now. "In the meantime, stressed the President of the Republic to keep the Presidency of the Republic to its neutral position and moderate political differences down to encircle the crisis of the national meeting.
said presidential adviser Khalid Al Mulla (Center Brief Iraqi Media Network): "Talabani stressed during our visit him the day before yesterday on the need to have a neutral position of the Presidency of the Republic and a patron of the Constitution and the sponsor of the national reconciliation project between politicians." Al Mulla added that "Talabani confirmed that presidential neutral position does not encroach upon the Constitution or the law, but its position comes to the success of the national meeting. "
He continued: "Talabani praised the recent agreement between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government on the export of oil and confirmed that the agreement a positive point pour in resolving many of the outstanding issues. "
and returned President Jalal Talabani on Monday treatment trip in Germany. For his part, revealed a member of a coalition of state law Mahmoud Hassan Back President of the Republic to Baghdad next
Tuesday. Hassan said in a press statement: "The National Alliance when he put paper items reforms consisting of (70) wanted to point offered to the political blocs through meetings, but the blocks lagged response to the calls of the National Alliance, "noting that the National Alliance will present a paper reforms to Talabani to start at the invitation of the political blocs and discuss the paper at the national meeting to be held after creating the atmosphere.