Erbil ratify the oil agreement with the federal government - Expert: establish a national oil company is essential to the development of the oil sector
9/21/2012 5:29:52 PM
BAGHDAD - Constitution
Called oil expert Hamza Jeweler to the need to establish a national oil company to provide technical services and logistics for the oil sector in order to develop, stressing that their presence does not affect the oil companies other but will enhance their work. Said Jeweler: A draft law in the House of Representatives wrote and discussed by specialists in oil industry experts and House of Representatives of the oil and energy to establish oil company National is a holding company makes all oil companies operating affiliates. added: must include company companies from the private sector and mixed (ie, domestic and foreign companies) and the use of cadres foreign to gain technical expertise and to provide oil services and specialized in general in order to develop the oil industry in the country. explained: that the national company needs to take place legal through the enactment of the oil and gas law is more important to the success of its work, calling the House of Representatives to approve a legal oil and gas and oil company National Sector Support oil. pointed to: that the founding of the national company will not affect the oil companies other Kosherkta (oil south and the north), but will enhance their role in the field of oil through the provision of services for the development of the oil industry in Iraq. so sincere Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Region at its normal course on the oil agreement that occurred between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government in the thirteenth of the month and for the treatment of a number of outstanding issues between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region in the field of oil and gas. According to a statement of the Office of the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region Nechirvan Barzani: The ratification of this agreement by the Federal Council of Ministers considered step in the right direction to resolve differences between the Kurdistan Region and the federal government, pointing out that the Kurdistan Regional Government consider optimism to this agreement. called the Council and the Ministry of Finance in the federal government to support a legal basis for allocation of $ (350) billion dinars from the ratio trillion dinars installment of dues to companies reduce completion The total amount (trillion dinars) of the merits, stressing the need to exchange the total amount (trillion dinars) in all cases, and if not solved the problem of the 2012 budget. Will be forwarded to the budget of 2013.