Expert: Iraqi dinar is immune and will not vibrate

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Posted 21/09/2012 07:19 PM

Baghdad / follow-up of the East: - ruled out a financial expert on behalf of Jamil, a global economic crisis may damage the national economy and the local currency because they Mdaoman oil wealth and a large cash reserve of hard currency. Jameel said: The increase in the production and export of Iraqi crude oil and higher oil prices in the global markets will support the national economy and make it strong and not affected by the global economic crisis. He pointed out: that the Iraqi dinar is covered with a large reserve of hard currency and there is data indicating the increased demand for buying the Iraqi dinar in the international banking market, and this shows that the dinar began recovering and regaining placed between the international and regional currencies. He added: that Iraq has great investment opportunities and in which they can attract international companies to invest in within the country, giving support to the local currency by increasing demand for buying the Iraqi dinar in the GCC banking markets.