Legal amendment investment and tariff

Iraqi Council of Representatives, Photography: Rn

The Commerce Department reported the existence of trade laws will be amended and new laws were changed, most notably the law on Tariffs and investment.
Declared director of registration of companies in the ministry Ferial Akram told the "Iraqi Media Network," said the ministry will put new laws on the House of Representatives, including the Investment Law and the Law on Customs Tariff and agencies Registration for companies and commercial agencies and system trade names (CR), in addition to law protect commercial product.
It added that "some of these laws need amendments are consistent with the volume of trade in the country," asserting that the ministry "is seeking to amend the investment law as being associated with the rise of the country in the areas of health, education, industry and construction and housing."
Akram noted that "the registrar of companies prepared investment law would facilitate the work of international companies invested unlike the previous law," noting that "the bill put on the Council of State and the ministry is currently awaiting approval to be put to the House of Representatives for approval."
Department director revealed that the "new law includes changes to ensure the upgrading of Iraq's economy and make it in the ranks of developed countries,"