Sep 20. 2012
Prime Minister of the Kurdistan region revealed at a press conference details of joint oil agreement between Erbil and Baghdad

Arbil: contract Nechirvan Barzani, head of the Kurdistan Regional Government held a press conference, on Wednesday evening, in the office of the prime minister in Arbil, which he highlighted the results of the Joint Meeting held recently in Baghdad between a delegation of Kurdistan and the federal government, which led to the signing of the oil agreement and therefore approved by the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Region, and stressed that although the move does not solve all outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil, but is considered an important and positive step in the right direction.

Description Nechirvan Barzani, head of the Kurdistan Regional Government oil agreement which has recently between Erbil and Baghdad important step in the right direction to address the outstanding problems, and by that Convention will send the federal government in Baghdad 17% of petroleum products from a range of 700 thousand barrels of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and this should be Iraqi government sent 147 thousand barrels per day of derivatives to the region, and expressed the hope that the agreement would be the first step to put an end to all outstanding problems between the two parties.

The Barzani during a press conference that:
"The Iraqi government has agreed to pay expenses of the sovereign territory, and that have not paid many years ago, and formed a standing committee between Baghdad and Erbil, in the event of any problem will this committee to study and find appropriate solutions."

According to the agreement will be sent to the federal government in Baghdad 17% of petroleum products from a group of 700 thousand barrels of the Kurdistan region of Iraq and this must be sent by the Iraqi government daily 147 thousand barrels of derivatives to the region.

Barzani continued: "We will export 140 thousand barrels of oil from the fields in the region until the end of this year and will raise this figure to 200 thousand barrels per day.
Hoping that this will be the beginning of the initiative to solve all outstanding problems." "We hope that this agreement be a factor in Addar law of oil and gas deal with problems between Baghdad and Erbil, because this agreement can not address all the problems, but is a good step."
He also pointed out that they have formed a special committee tasked with research in imports of oil contracts and expenses of the region with full transparency, and said: "We formed a committee to prepare a report on imports of oil contracts and expenditures will we publish later."

Barzani pointed out that the implementation of Article 140 of the constitution of the priorities of the work of the Government of the Territory, and the application of this constitutional article will solve all the problems in Iraq.

Regarding the current situation in Iraq, the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government:
"We will hold joint meetings with the President of the Republic to discuss the talks and mechanisms to address outstanding problems." He added: "We do not have any personal problems with Mr. Nuri al-Maliki, not in the past nor in the present and in the future, or any's problem between the political parties in the province and Baghdad, and are ready for dialogue and sit down with al-Maliki, but we can not hear the threats only from Baghdad."

As for the visit of the President of the Kurdistan region to Europe, Barzani said: "Before the departure of President Barzani briefed the Government of the Territory to this visit."

And on the formation of the leadership of the Tigris, the head of Government of the Territory:
"The formation of this leadership is a serious step for the issue of Kirkuk and withheld, noting that the formation of such a force similar to the actions of the Baath Party, while the formation of such a force was headed by Ali Hassan al-Majid. Although the Mr. Nuri al-Maliki told the president to stop the resolution, but unfortunately we see preparations are still underway for the formation of this force. "

For opposition criticism of the Government of the Territory, announced Barzani:
"What do the opposition in the Kurdistan Region is healthy and well, it is their right to say what they accomplish is not true, but the opposition should not forget that we have come to power through votes citizens of Kurdistan, and Sntnhy ballots also. true there are shortcomings on the part of democracy, but there are good works have been completed as well. "