Maliki receives a telephone call from Joe Biden
Date: Friday 21/09/2012 08:52 pm

received by Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki a phone call from Vice President Joe Biden this afternoon.
A statement from the prime minister received news agency Baghdad International / WAP / copy on Friday, "It was during the call to exchange views on regional issues and bilateral relations and ways of developing them, and expressed U.S. Vice President satisfaction with the development of the political situation of Interior praised the ability of the Iraqi government to solve the internal problems,particularly recent oil agreement signed between the central government and the provincial government. "
"He praised the commitment of Iraq by agreeing with the United Nations over the evacuation of Camp Ashraf element of organization created and transferred to Baghdad."
He noted that "al-Maliki called on the United States to cooperate more in the field of helping Iraq in solving the problem of this organization and the evacuation of Iraq as soon as possible."
And between "Maliki discomfort Iraqi government to do some circles U.S. informal stirring suspicions about Iraq's position Syrian crisis despite its firm position in rejecting any activity Tsyahy or violent over land or Iraqi airspace, reiterated the position of the Iraqi government based on the need to find a peaceful political solution to the crisis Syrian and his opposition to the weaponization of any party.
And "that Iraq follow this policy since the early days of the crisis based on the Syrian private diagnosed the nature of the situation in Syria and the requirements of the interests of the Iraqi people".