Barzani forms joint committee of the government and the Islamic Union to end Bahdinan problems

Thursday, 20 September 2012 14:27

Shafaq News / The President of Kurdistan Regional Government, Najervan Barzani decided on Thursday to form a joint committee of the government and a representative of the Islamic Union Party to solve the issues in Bahdinan area.

The presidency of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) said in a statement, in which "Shafaq News", received a copy of it, that "Barzani has visited on Wednesday evening, in Erbil, the Secretary-General of the of Kurdistan Islamic Union, Mohammed Faraj," stressing that "the main focus of the meeting was devoted to discuss and debate about the last steps reached by the government to solve Bahdinan area events and the files of these events under the resolutions of Kurdistan Parliament.”

"it was decided to form a joint committee of government and a representative of the Islamic Union to solve all files quickly," adding that " the secretary general of Kurdistan Islamic Union announced the union’s willingness to end all disagreements between the forces and parties and the normalization of relations with all parties, considering that as the duty of the authority to initiate normalizing the issue.”

The statement added that, "Barzani has expressed the willingness of the KRG to exert a positive role in order to normalize relations between the parties and the political forces and protect the unity of the Kurdish society ".

Bahdinan area which include Dohuk province and adjacent areas to Kurdistan Region has witnessed a few months ago, incidents of violence on the background of the attack on alcohol shops , clubs ,massage places, restaurants and tourist hotels and burning them, after rumors that one of the imams in Zakho, said that he is a follower to Kurdistan Islamic union and incited the worshipers to do so , as well as the attack of crowds on the headquarters of Kurdistan Islamic Union in the area and burning them.