03:38:20 / 09/2012

Khandan - received by President Jalal Talabani in Sulaimaniyah city on Thursday 20/09/2012, a delegation parliamentary great headed by Prime National Reform Movement and the President of the National Alliance in the House of Representatives Ibrahim al-Jaafari and the membership of Vice President of the National Alliance and the head of the state law, Khalid al-Attiyah and the head of the Liberal Bahaa al-Araji, the head of the Virtue Ammar Tohme and a number of other MPs and political figures.

A statement from the Presidency of the Republic of Iraq to al-Jaafari made his name and on behalf of the delegation and on behalf of members of the House of Representatives during the meeting, which was attended by President of the Presidium of the Republic Naseer al-Ani, a number of members of the Political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, gave congratulations to President Talabani on his return safely and well-being to the homeland after the trip therapeutic to Federal Republic of Germany, which was a success, and wished him success in continuing his duties, especially in his efforts and endeavors in order to remove the obstacles and impediments faced by the entire political process and the dismantling of the crises faced by the administration of the country.

The statement said that President Talabani, made his thanks and gratitude to al-Jaafari and his accompanying delegation on the visit, considering it a great fraternal gesture.

The statement added, was the political and economic situation of great importance during the meeting, where they were trading all aspects of responsibility and attention.

Also took issue start meetings and discussions between all parties in order to resolve the problems and differences existing in the political arena and administrative in the country a large part of the meeting, and in this regard stressed the president need to find a suitable ground to create the conditions necessary to create a political atmosphere is calm and appropriately dominated by fraternal dialogue frank solve problems and outstanding issues, according to the statement.

The statement noted that President Talabani expressed his optimism about the course of things, noting that there are serious trends to solve problems and find ways to make the dismantling of crisis in order to create a strong united Iraq and restoring its historic role to achieve the aspirations of his people in peace, harmony and prosperity.

The statement said Ibrahim al-Jaafari stressed the importance of the presence of President Talabani in this sensitive stage, praising the role played by the Iraqi reunion with his wisdom and without discrimination, stressing his full support for the efforts of His Excellency to unify attitudes and perspectives among all political parties.

At the conclusion of the meeting, al-Jaafari and members of the visiting delegation thanked and Tkdrém extended to President Talabani for the warm reception, and wish him health and success for the prosperity and the prosperity of the people of Iraq and to maintain and develop the gains.

The visiting delegation arrived in Sulaimaniyah International Airport, where he received there by a large delegation headed by Rasool Ali, first deputy secretary-general of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and a number of other officials.