Talabani in Baghdad on Tuesday and confirms the existence of serious trends to solve problems

Date: Friday 21/09/2012 07:12 am

Sulaymaniyah / long
flocked to the northern city of Sulaimaniyah, the residence of the party of President Jalal Talabani yesterday many Iraqi leaders to meet with the president and check on his health after medical trip in Germany lasted for three months and discussed with him the political crisis that the country is going through and resolved requirements. Talabani has met with the head of the National Alliance Shiite Ibrahim al-Jaafari and President of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim and the Iraqi National Congress leader Ahmed Chalabi

The Baha Araji, head of the Sadrist bloc parliamentary However, politicians and other officials both individually and discussed with them the political developments in the country, stressing the need to continue the dialogue among all the political blocs and down to the understandings end the political crisis experienced by the country since late last year.
Maliki was accompanied by his two deputies for the oil and energy Hussain al-Shahristani and for services Saleh al-Mutlaq as well as a number of ministers had met with Talabani yesterday expressed his satisfaction with the follow-up President "of his meetings and accomplish tasks large and crucial in the political arena."
It is expected that the continuing influx of Iraqi officials to Sulaymaniyah during the next few days to meet with Talabani and before moving to Baghdad next week to discuss with him about the requirements of the steps required to directly prepare seriously for a national meeting and paper display political reform prepared by the National Alliance substitute for the withdrawal of confidence from the government, which failed powers for it to achieve.
For his part, the Minister of Transport Hadi al-Amiri, Thursday, for the return of President Jalal Talabani, to Baghdad next Tuesday to move the political process, especially in relation to paper reform put forward by the National Alliance.
Amery said in an interview with a number of media, including "Alsumaria News", on the sidelines of the opening garage delegations in the canal zone east of Baghdad, said that " If President Jalal Talabani health became good and will return to Baghdad next Tuesday. "
He Ameri that "Talabani is ready to return to the capital immediately, but he is busy now receiving well-wishers his safety, as well as linkage commitments several."
stressed Ameri that "the country will witness a step Talabani political mobility for genuine reconciliation between the political blocs, especially in regard to the implementation of reform paper approved by the National Alliance, and implement real reforms. "