Talabani and Jaafari affirm the need to start meetings to resolve outstanding differences
Date: 09/20/2012 15:51:39 Thursday

Sulaymaniyah (news) .. Search by President Jalal Talabani with a parliamentary delegation headed by the President of the National Alliance national Ibrahim al-Jaafari political and economic situation.
said a presidential statement today that during the meeting: President Albany received this afternoon the President of the National Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari and his accompanying delegation and stressed the need to start meetings and talks between all parties in order to resolve the problems and differences existing in the political arena in the country. said the president: "the need to find a suitable ground to create the conditions necessary to create a political atmosphere is calm and appropriately dominated by fraternal dialogue open to resolve problems and issues. expressed Talabani: optimism about the course of things, pointing out directions serious to solve problems and find ways sufficient to dismantle the crises in order to create a strong Iraq united. For his part, al-Jaafari: the importance of the presence of President Talabani in this sensitive stage, praising the role played by the reunion of Iraqis wisdom and without discrimination, and showing full support for his efforts to unify the attitudes and perspectives among all political parties. / end / 24.. /