From: "Dinar Corp, Inc."
Date: September 19, 2012 6:41:40 PM EDT
Subject: Something very concerning about Dinar Banker.


A loyal customer just sent me an email warning us about a Dinar Banker Q&A video. So I watched it in detail. I noted a person called Ty Rhame in the video state the following,

"Milton from Montana asks, "Will you buy dinar that was purchased from another dealer, I purchased mine from Dinar Corp.""

So curiously, I searched my database and found that, there is no Milton from Montana in my database. The customer does not exist. Dinar Banker clearly fabricated the question, not to mention the information about my company. I think it's important we share this revelation with the dinar community. Who knows what else Ty Rhame has been fabricating and misleading the dinar community about? This is truly concerning to me.

Sam, CEO