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Detection President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Barzani Naچervan, Wednesday, details of the oil agreement that was recently between Baghdad and Erbil, expressing the hope that the agreement would be the first step to put an end to all outstanding problems between the two parties.

Barzani said at a news conference in Arbil: The agreement is an important step to address the problems, and we got an agreement with Baghdad to pay for good oil companies, this initial treatment to find solutions to all the problems.

He added: that by this agreement will be sent to the Iraqi government accounted for 17% of the petroleum products from a group of 700 thousand barrels of the Kurdistan region of Iraq and this should send the Baghdad government daily 147 thousand barrels of derivatives to the region.

Barzani explained: that the Iraqi government has agreed to pay expenses of the sovereign territory, which has not been paid for many years and formed a standing committee between Baghdad and Erbil, and upon the occurrence of any problem this committee will study and find appropriate solutions.

He continued speaking in Kurdish: Currently we export 140 thousand barrels of oil from the fields in the region until the end of the year will call of 200 thousand barrels per day.

He Barzani: the hope that this is the beginning to solve all the problems, and said: We hope that this agreement factor in the issuance of oil and gas law and address all the problems are presented between Baghdad and Erbil, because this agreement is currently not able to address all the problems, but a good step.

He pointed out: they have formed a special committee tasked with research in imports of oil contracts and expenses of the region and said: We have formed a committee to prepare a report on imports of oil contracts and expenditures will we publish later