Hrbo: one hundred Vice asking for hosting al-Maliki on security breaches
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Thread: Hrbo: one hundred Vice asking for hosting al-Maliki on security breaches

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    Hrbo: one hundred Vice asking for hosting al-Maliki on security breaches

    Posted 19/09/2012 12:53 PM

    Babinaoz - agencies: the House of Representatives unveiled a new approach to host the Prime Minister again during future meetings on the recent security breaches, and said he will submit a formal request signed 100 deputy after the resumption of hearings next week.

    The MP said Nabil Hrbo in a press statement that the National Alliance adopted the initiative to host the Prime Minister as the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces for clarification about the government's strategy in addressing the ongoing security breaches file.

    He pointed out that there was a move formally to incorporate these hosting on the agenda for the upcoming sessions

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    The Hrbo added that topic put forward in the past period through calls and claims of MPs to call the prime minister to parliament.

    He pointed out that in conjunction with the bombing of one of the gates of the Green Zone A group of Representatives, a personal request to the Presidency of the parliament to attend the Prime Minister to the House of Representatives.

    And between the Iraqi List MP said a vote on the candidates for the election commission to postpone the laws and infrastructure negatively impacted general amnesty to apply to host Maliki.

    He noted that by next week and resume parliament sessions will make a formal request of more than 100 deputies to host the Prime Minister, and noted that the Parliament intends to call the agents of the security ministries and some leaders to discuss the security file after the completion of hosting al-Maliki.

    Promised Hrbo that things tend to constructive discussions extensive not criticized for the purpose of finding ways to save the country from the deteriorating security situation, and pointed out that the lack of readiness of the security forces and the delay in naming ministers security and the current crisis and the Syrian revolution on the top factors affecting the security situation, stressing at the same time crystallized convictions joint from the government and the House of Representatives passing the need to assess the security policy to reach positive solutions to get out of this impasse.

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    Compelling article.

    Link, please.

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