Iraqi lawmakers revealed that the trade agreement signed between Iraq and the United States in 2005 in Amman, and planned to be approved by the Iraqi Council of Representatives in the coming days, required the Iraqi side abolition of customs duties and taxes are all on American products. The House of Representatives of the former Iraqi refusal to ratify the bills forwarded to it by the Iraqi government, including international agreements and memoranda of understanding with the American side because many of the observations.

And got «life» a full copy of the draft law agreed commercial, which states that the objective of concluding is revive the Iraqi economy and support the efforts of private sector development and reintegration of Iraq to the international community economically as well as strengthening the bonds of friendship between the two countries and promote trade and foreign investment promotion and problem-solving trade-related.

Some items that Iraq will eliminate all trade barriers to facilitate access to the markets of the two countries and get special benefits and access to the so-called liberalization of bilateral trade.
A member of the investment committee parliamentary Nora Salem told newspaper Alehiahan Iraq and the United States Saassan according to the agreement «Iraqi Council - the U.S. trade, which includes representatives from the two countries will hold regular meetings once every two years at least.

She explained that the Council's task lies in the traffic control business, investment and monitoring and identify obstacles to the free movement of trade and working to remove them, which indicated the existence of reservations about some of the items, although these reservations do not change anything from the entry into force of the agreement task the House of Representatives is currently limited to the ratification and not to change clauses.

Salem confirmed that the granting of U.S. trade benefits will encourage other countries to submit bids for similar agreements, in the form of depriving Iraq of huge financial returns from customs duties and taxes.
The «President imbalance in these agreements is that unequal sides of the equation in terms of the power of trade and industry, this agreement will be economically feasible for the American party, while Iraq does not have issued to America.