News reports : political blocs optimistic the return of President Talabani of therapeutic journey

 Union follow-up: UN Secretary-General of the Iraqi bloc white beauty melon political blocs to deal positively with the efforts سيبذلها President Jalal Talabani to resolve the crisis.

The melon in a statement that "efforts and meetings to be conducted by President Talabani must be productive, and this will only be dealing seriously and positively with those efforts." He stressed that "the political crisis prolonged too much, it is necessary to solve the current period," noting that the political blocs "did not stay in front of any arguments to end this crisis, it was waiting for the return of President Talabani, he has returned, and became everyone in front of the responsibility out with positive results to end all outstanding problems. " And melon that "indicators on the political scene to indicate the existence of nearby solutions to the crisis, in any case, if dealt with seriously blocs."
For his part, MP in the dialogue block were part of the coalition in Iraq Raad Dahlaki, that components within the National Alliance supports the process of political reform, according to the vision of Iraq, and these components Sadrists and the Supreme Council.
Said Aldhlki's (news) said yesterday that "the dispute between the Iraqi List and the National Alliance is not unlike personally but on the interest the Iraqi street," noting that "Iraq calling for reform and balance the state institutions and alter the course of the political process and other issues, and this is not the right list only but the right of the Iraqi people. " He pointed to "the presence of components within the National Alliance rib Kaltaar and the Supreme Council and the Virtue Party and other parties within the coalition of state law with reform because it serves the political process and meet the demands of the citizen," pointing to the existence of time in front of everyone to achieve reforms. And the return of President Jalal Talabani, explained Aldhecla "We hope to contribute to the return of President in the convergence of views between the political blocs and to achieve all the demands of the blocks to reforms."
In turn, MP said the coalition of Kurdish blocs Mahmoud Othman said that the return of President Jalal Talabani, the country "would greatly help to end most of the problems between the political blocs, as it will bring the views between the parties." Osman said that "all political forces to respect the decisions of the demands of the President of the Republic, as she prepared a link to the convergence of views, which already seek to ease tensions between the political leadership, and then seeks to putting them on the table." He added that "President Talabani will persuade everyone to make concessions to resolve the crisis and move the political process and ensure that no stoppage," adding that "the president will listen to the ideas and attitudes of the political blocs to draw after a call for a national meeting sponsored."