Talks between the President and Prime Minister and negotiating committees to reach positive results
Baghdad / follow-up justice - 09/19/2012 - 11:49 | readers number: 6

Being President Jalal Talabani today held talks with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki at his residence city of Sulaimaniya after returning from his trip in Germany therapeutic.

Said Jundiyani spokesman politburo PUK Prime Minister will travel today to Sulaymaniyah to meet with Talabani to ask about his health after his treatment he spent in Germany, as two sides will discuss overall developments political scene and outstanding issues between the political blocs and ways out of the current crisis, As the file of the disputed areas, especially the province of Kirkuk and the formation Operations Command Tigris will be on the agenda of the talks. "and added that" Talabani discuss with various leaders of the blocks and their representatives ways to find common ground that will end to hold broad national meeting, "describing the" current crisis Balsabh For this why would President Talabani keen on holding bilateral meetings or more before going to the national meeting to improve the atmosphere and bring the views of the success of the meeting. "and exclude Jindiyani possibility of determining the date for the convening of the national meeting because the issue related to successfully talks and meetings that will be undertaken in the coming days with the leaders of the blocks" . on the other hand, the MP said the coalition of state law Ihsan al-Awadi said that "the negotiating committees and reached stages positive resolve a lot of dilemmas during the absence of President Jalal Talabani." said Awadi said that "the absence of the President is invested by the political blocs, with the launch of the Commission reforms by the National Alliance, and was a good sign, as it has been welcomed positively by all the political blocs, has completed this negotiating committees in advanced stages of solving a lot of problems, as the basis for approval within the national meeting. "He explained that there axes of 70 hub of problems, discuss committees in preparation for introducing the reform paper after classified into three levels.