Date: 09/18/2012 14:08:56 Tuesday

Baghdad (news) .. Said MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Mahmoud Othman, said that the return of President Jalal Talabani of the country, Stistaad often resolve most of the problems between the political blocs, as he will bring the views between the parties.

Osman said (of the Agency news): The all political forces to respect resolutions and demands the president, also ended the prepared link to the convergence of views, which is already trying this time to ease the tension between political leaders at least, and then seek to bring them to the negotiating table. added: that President Talabani is trying to persuade everyone to provide concessions to resolve the crisis or problems between blocks, to walk the political process and ensure that no stoppage, and continued: President Sistqro ideas and attitudes of the political blocs to draw after a call for a national meeting sponsored.

predicted the leader of the Kurdistan Alliance: to succeed President Talabani approximation of views between the parties and resolve some of the problems that may contribute to bypass the current stage . returned President Jalal Talabani yesterday to Sulaymaniyah after treatment journey lasted three months in Germany, and it is hoped that President Talabani receives from tomorrow Wednesday political leaders. :