iraq: National Alliance is not serious about resolving outstanding differences
Tuesday, September 18 / September 2012 08:26 | : Ambassador News | | |

{Baghdad - Ambassador: News}

MP / coalition in Iraq / Qusay Juma, the lack of seriousness of the National Alliance to resolve outstanding differences, hoping to hold a national meeting to resolve differences, and expected adoption list leader Iyad Allawi on the national agenda of the meeting to attend.

Juma said: We hope that the meeting be held after the return of National President of the Republic to resolve outstanding differences between the political parties, noting that the paper reforms have yet to reach the political blocs.

He added: It is expected to invite the President of the Republic to hold a national meeting to resolve the problems, noting that the head of the Iraqi attendees of the meeting will decide whether or not after seeing on the agenda.

This, it is hoped that the calls by President Jalal Talabani to convene a national meeting after he returned yesterday to the city of Sulaymaniyah after finishing treatment in Germany trip lasted for two months, and is expected to flock to the leaders of the blocks to Sulaymaniyah to meet with President there.