Sabah al-Saadi: dictatorship minds of the leaders of Iraq have caused political setbacks
Tuesday, September 18 / September 2012 08:09 | : Ambassador News | | |

{Baghdad - Ambassador: News}

Said independent MP and a member of the Integrity Committee for the National Alliance Sabah al-Saadi, that the country faces a unique constitutional authority to the framework, and troubled in parliamentary legislation of laws and control over state institutions and with different covers theft of the funds allocated for reconstruction and construction.

Saadi said that the cause of the country's political setbacks, security and service is a dictatorship minds that lead the country (according to him), and that influenced through their representatives in the House of Representatives on the lack of approval of Laws and linked to political compromises and to cover up the thefts.

He became the country needs to integrity forces to stand in the financial and administrative corruption which the people was a victim and leave poverty and Alaosalve suffer a wide range of people.

And that the government is dealing Sir country which governs the parish, and eliminate completely surrounded government and the barrel of a gun threatened in various ways and means.

And His will find after (6) years of the reign of al-Maliki completion of one project, in his account, which will expire and punishment, because he took advantage of the Constitution, which grants broad powers to the Prime Minister to provide services and security.