Iraqi List: Submit nine candidates for the portfolio of the Ministry of Defence
Monday, September 17 / September 2012 21:24 | : Ambassador News | | |

{Baghdad Ambassador: News}
MP for the Iraqi List, Yassin al-Obeidi from providing nine candidates to assume portfolio of the Ministry of Defense.
and al-Obeidi said in a press statement that "the Iraqi List seeks seriously to resolve the candidate of the Ministry of Defense and as soon as possible," expressing his "surprise at the statements by some parties from within the National Alliance on smuggled Iraqi resolve candidate defense.
said Obeidi said "the list presented nine candidates to assume the defense portfolio, but did not receive any response Bouksosm of Prime Minister," explaining that "one of the names given officers professionals and political figures and independent.
added MP said that "the names provided by the list includes different personalities and diverse and do not need all these procrastination by the Prime Minister to choose one of those names to the Ministry of Defense," and urged "the Prime Minister to send the names of candidates by the Iraqi List to the House of Representatives to resolve this file.