Block citizen state law accuses of trying to subdue the Central Bank

On: Tuesday 18/09/2012 06:50 am

 Baghdad / Ibrahim Ibrahim
deputy accused citizen's parliamentary bloc, Aziz Ugaili, the government of trying to control the independent bodies and specifically the Central Bank of Iraq. The member coalition of state law, Abdul Salam al-Maliki to the enactment of the limits of the phenomenon of money laundering in the country. Ugaili told "Presse term": "The latest attack mounted by some deputies of state law is a clear process for" knees "the central bank and subjected to Government

By directing false accusations of the existence of a major money laundering takes place in bank auction. "Said MP said that" what he said a member of a coalition of state law Haitham al-Jubouri is untrue exactly where there is no fraud and money laundering at all, but those charges carrying capacity of political and intended to target someone Bank President Shabibi a person efficient and professional and independent. "and added that" the Parliamentary Integrity Committee relay on a daily basis and careful work central bank auction was not clear them of any suspicion of the existence of money laundering. "and was a member of the State of Law, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, Haitham al-Jubouri, denied in statements to the press that his remarks "have included an indictment of the Iraqi Central Bank smuggling money out of the country," adding that "We have information and evidence confirming the existence of figures responsible at the central bank exploit auction selling the dollar on a daily basis, by dealing with some banks The companies selected and not others. "and added that" the Bank sells at auction about 280 million dollars a day to 14 companies include some banks known. "
, he noted coalition member state law, Abdul Salam al-Maliki to the central bank seeks to control money laundering operations by Control converts currency at home, calling the proposed law limits the phenomenon of money laundering in Iraq.

Maliki said in a statement the "long-Presse" that "on foreign banks presence in the financial market and Iraqi support the banking sector, through the existing expertise or through dealing with Iraq, which is still going through the gates open, and this needs to be integration at work and in the institution legislative. " He stressed that "creating laws sober and court through raising the issue of the Central Bank at the present time two important are the deletion of zeros, put gold coins." And continued that "the sector Bank of Iraq working within the controls that govern monetary policy," noting that "every bank is contrary to the Rules should withdraw leave work it and apply the law to the work of banks that opens inside Iraq and even foreign. "He pointed to" the presence of foot-dragging on this side, and that the bank usually depends on the laws of which they can be peg to repeat the mistakes, which is unacceptable, "calling "The central bank to raise the proposed bill to amend the law of the Central Bank auction, to the House of Representatives."