Supreme Council: the mandate of Prime Minister will end the political crisis in Iraq?!!

Palm - confirmed citizen parliamentary bloc of the Supreme Islamic Council that most of the political blocs of the Kurds and the Iraqi National Coalition with the mandate of Prime Minister except for a coalition of state law. said MP Aziz Ugaili that all the crises and problems plaguing the country solved by selecting for the rule of Prime Minister and not reform or paper is here explaining that the Iraqi people did not want to stay any of the three presidencies lifetime and must be set to stay period is agreed and voted upon in Parliament, he said.

The MP for the coalition of state law Salman al-Moussawi had said earlier that his coalition will not accept the term of the Prime Minister two sessions constituencies and described Moussaoui in a press statement orientation of the mandate of Prime Minister that constitutional violation, adding that a coalition of state law will not hold any political agreements violate the Constitution to appease certain political bloc criticized Moussawi votes rejecting the reform paper it did not comprise the clause defines the mandate of the prime minister, accusing most of the political blocs to waive the Constitution for their personal interests.

It is worth mentioning that the regime in Iraq is a parliamentary rather than presidential and according to the Constitution which can not requirement for the rule of prime minister, which is standard practice in all countries in the world that apply the parliamentary system.

And The Kurdistan Alliance has renewed its support earlier to go embraced by the Sadrists determine the mandate of my presidency the government and the House of Representatives two sessions only like the Presidency said coalition spokesman supporter good that the Kurdistan Alliance believes that the step of the mandate of the three presidencies in line with the spirit of the Constitution and seek to establish state democracy, Tayeb explained that the purpose of the mandate of Prime Minister only two sessions is to prevent the emergence of a new dictatorship and give the prime minister full powers, which encourages him to do so.

This has confirmed a member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee bloc MP Shahid Mihrab Hassoun Fatlawi earlier lack of legal obstacles to the new legislation to limit the jurisdiction of the three presidencies two terms only.

Said Fatlawi that the Legal Committee is studying a draft law to address gaps in it before submitting it to the Presidency of Parliament in preparation for a vote, explaining that the law may be provided to apply retroactively, adding that was a proposal of this law is not aimed at a component or a particular person, but it aims to promote democracy in Iraq and consolidate the idea of ​​peaceful transfer of power.